The List

2)   Find a church to call “our church”
3)   Run a 10K
4)   Organize my pantry
5)   Rock a swimming suit (no matter the size)
6)   Buy a bike
7)   Draw up a budget (and stick to it)
9)   Learn to play the ukulele
10)  Try snowboarding
11)   Move out of my apartment and into somewhere better
12)   Get a new cellphone
13)   Knit a hat and scarf
14)   Take a creative class
16)   Lose 30 pounds
17)   Volunteer
18)   Host a dinner party
19)   Eat vegan for one week
20)   Get a drastic hair change
22)   Climb a mountain
23)   Go without fast food for six months
24)   Recreate an awesome restaurant meal
25)   Plan a themed party
26)   Make sun tea
27)   Read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and "In Defense of Food"
28)   Create a vision board
29)   Plan a surprise date for the Hubz
30)   Take a weekend trip to Chicago
31)   Have the best 1 year anniversary EVER!
32)   Get a puppy
34)   Make homemade hummus
35)   Fill my recipe box
36)   Spend an entire day with my little sister
37)   Tell someone about Jesus
38)   Go for a run in the city
39)   Go dancing with the girls
40)   Buy an entire outfit at a thrift store
41)   Go on a shopping spree
42)   Buy Kona coffee in Hawaii
43)   Devote 3 hours to prayer and meditation
44)   Go to a MN Twins game
45)   Bike somewhere I would normally drive to
46)   Bring food to a food shelf
47)   Play soccer with the Hubz
48)   Make homemade nut butter
51)   Decorate my kitchen
52)   Send a care package to a friend
54)   Do something nice for a stranger
55)   Go on a picnic
56)   Create my own granola bars
57)   Make a different breakfast every day for a week
58)   Learn to use a “real” camera
60)   Make a conscious decision to be joyful
61)   Memorize a chapter of the Bible
62)   Join a small group
63)   Create an aircheck that I’m proud of
64)   Kill a spider
65)   Cook a live lobster
66)   Make a decision to stick with it… even when it sucks
67)   Make a tea tree
69)   Buy a new pair of glasses
70)   Make my own laundry soap
71)   Go on a date that is 100% free
72)   Make more homemade magnets
73)   Make a purse (with a fabric flower, of course)
74)   Complete my espresso bar
75)   Create motivational cards to put around the house
76)   Fix my HRM
77)   Buy something from Etsy
78)   Go deer hunting with the Hubz
79)   Call an old friend just to say hi
80)   Send an e-card
81)   Buy a new coffee cup
83)   Visit 5 coffee shops that I've never been to in the Twin Cities (1, 2)
85)   Go for a run… in the winter
86)   Create beautiful latte art
87)   Make the ultimate workout playlist
89)   Do the 30 day shred… for real
91)   Organize with mason jars
93)   Go on a double date
95)   Run around Lake Calhoun
96)   Go skating at landmark center
97)   Make homemade chai
98)   Find out what that yummy corn bread pudding stuff is at Mexican restaurants… and then make it
100) Make a conscious decision to look on the bright side
101) Eat at a raw food restaurant