Saturday, March 12, 2011

what weekends are made for.

This is what weekends are made for:

{mexican breakfast pizzas}

And so is this:

{honey cinnamon whole wheat bagels}

Yesterday, in an attempt to get more things crossed off of The List, I began my adventure of making a different breakfast every day for a week.  I figured that there was no better time to start than the weekend.  I always like to make super fun breakfasts on the weekend.  As I said, that's what weekends are made for.

Weekends are also made for playing The Newlywed Game with the person you just so happen to be newly wedded to,

going out to eat at Jake's Bar and Grill with a friend who just so happens to be named Jake,

and sharing stories over coffee with co-workers who just so happen to be beautiful, wonderful friends.

Weekends are pretty good in my book.

(recipes coming soon)

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  1. That breakfast pizza looks amazing, can't wait for the recipe! :)