Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Week in Review and Week 1 Weigh-In

It has been like a crazy, busy week in the Keeping Up household.  Let's get ya'll caught up to speed, shall we?

Last Wednesday, I took a new exercise class with two close friends.

Let's just say it was probably one of the hardest workouts I've ever done.  Let's also say that it's not exactly what it looks like... more on this later.

I whipped up some old, faithful recipes and tried a couple of delicious new ones.

Does anyone else suck at making omelets? I always try but then decide to make it into an egg scramble.  It doesn't turn out pretty but it sure is tasty!

One egg, 3 egg whites, half a green pepper, a stalk of kale, and a little onion.  Topped off with sea salt, salsa and a delish laughing cow cheese wedge!

Thin and crispy veggie pizza made on whole wheat, low carb tortilla.  Topped off with green pepper, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes and part skim mozzarella.  SOO good!

In other news, Hubz and I did 5 loads of laundry.  Can I emphasize that a little more? 5 LOADS OF LAUNDRY. I now have have a cornucopia of clean undergarments.  Life is good.

Hubz and I also cleaned our entire living room and kitchen... It looks looked fantastic.

Saturday afternoon we had a couple of friends (both old and new) visit us before catching their flight back to sunny SoCal.  I'm not jealous... really.

On Sunday, the Hubz and I spent a ridiculous amount of money at Target.  Luckily, we used gift cards that we received as wedding gifts.  It's kind of fun dangerous knowing that you can buy basically anything you want in the store without it making a dent in your checking account.  A few of my favorite buys will be highlighted later.

Monday night was sups exciting.  We were so pumped for the premier of Chuck that Hubz and I decided we needed to turn it into a party.  We invited our friend Jake, another Chuck enthusiast, over for appys, burgers and Chuck, of course!

We put together quite a delicious, healthy and organic selection!

The burgers were quite ugly (and thus not photographed) but were really delish!  I made jalapeno  burgers a la Daddy S. on my new flat skillet.  I was pretty impressed with how they turned out.  But they were ugly.  Thus, no photo.

So that brings us to the present!  I finally had my first week weigh-in.  It's been tricky trying to figure out what day will work best for me to weigh in.  I got off of work early today and so I was able to go to the 5:30 meeting time (which I normally wouldn't be able to go to).  I think that I'll probably try to go on Tuesday mornings though.  We'll see.

So shall I share the results?  Drum roll, please...

Why, hello 5.8 pound loss!  Obviously I don't expect results like this every week.  But it is certainly a nice motivator to keep following the plan!

To make a great day even better, I checked another thing off of The List.  I ate a pomegranate!  I'll share the journey with you tomorrow.  Until then I'll just be hanging out in pomegranate-induced bliss!

Blessings on your Wednesday!

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  1. Congrats on your weight loss, Kayla! You totally kicked my butt. I "only" lost 3 pounds this week. And, yes, I suck at making omelets.

    Looking forward to hearing about your, uh... exercise class. ;)