Sunday, August 7, 2011

early bird.

I'm not a morning person.

I always really want to become a morning person, but when 6 AM rolls around, I kind of hate everything.  Just being honest.

Poor Hubz always tries to help me become a morning person.  He has tried just about every technique possible...

He used to wake me up by playing "Crank That" by Solja Boy.  I don't even know why, it just made me want to dance and it would actually get me out of bed.  That worked for a little while, until it got annoying.

He also used to try to be really really nice when waking me up by giving me kisses on the cheek, playing nice soothing music and saying sweet things.  That got annoying real fast too.

His latest technique is threatening to "baptize" me.  It hasn't quite gotten to that point yet, but I dread the day it does.

Yesterday morning, however, I was up and moving by 6:15 AM... voluntarily.  Turns out you can get a lot done in the morning when you wake up early!  Who knew?  Not this girl.

I did a lovely 20 minutes of yoga.

I made myself some tea.

Seriously, how pretty is this tea?  It's my favorite.  

Do you see what I see?

Those are my basil plants that have been alive for... 2 MONTHS!  Pretty pumped about that.

I took a shower and got ready for the day... and painted my nails!  I painted them pink.  I mean, as if waking up early weren't enough, I chose to paint my nails pink.  Seriously, who am I?

And with that, by 8:30, Hubz and I were ready to head out for breakfast and apartment shopping!  Amazing how easy it is to get things done in the morning!

Are you a morning person?  Do you exercise in the morning?



  1. Eeeeeeeeeee apartment shopping! :D

    Not a morning person

    P.S. Your basil looks hella fantastic.

  2. I actually was turning into a morning person when I lived in MD - I was up by 5:45. Now that we moved, and I don't have a reason to get up other than trying to be the heat to run, I sleep in until 8am most mornings. I miss my morning time...

  3. I would like to let you know, i am NOT a morning person. i like to sleep until around 8:30 every day and go to bed by around 10:30 so i can get a sufficient amount of sleep!

    I do however find that i get a lot more done when i wake up early in the morning... guess i should probably try that this week since i have a TON of stuff to do before i move to ALASKA in 9 days!