Thursday, May 19, 2011

tunes for your weekend

This is my friend Nicole:

(how cute is she? for real.)

I must say that we were sort of forced to be friends.  Being two of the only female radio broadcasting majors in our class, we (along with our other beautiful friend Grace) joined forces and, with our naturally high-pitched voices, gave those boys a run for their money.  The three of us were lovingly nicknamed the "Trifecta."  Fierce.

Nicole is probably one of the most talented people that I know.  She's good at pretty much everything that she does and it makes me so jealous proud of her.  Ever since I've known her, she has always wanted to work in the music industry so it came as no surprise when she landed a job in Nashville at a booking agency for Christian music artists.  I know what you're thinking:  Why is she still friends with this unemployed blob of laziness awesomeness?

Your guess is as good as mine.

She moved to Nashville a few weeks ago now and I kind of forget everyday that she now lives 13 hours away.  Weird.  On the bright side, though, it gives me an excuse to visit her in wonderful Nashville (and consume as much Jack's Bar-B-Que as humanly possible)... and it gives Hubz an excuse to convince me to let him buy cowboy boots so he can pretend that he's Alan Jackson at the Grande Ole Opry.

On second thought, maybe I'll make the trip with Grace instead.

As can be expected, Nicole has pretty darn good taste in music and has introduced me to many artists and bands that I now love.  

One of my favorite memories of Nicole from our last year in college was when she was obsessed with the song "Big City Dreams" by Never Shout Never.  The beginning of the song may or may not most certainly contains the word "BYPASS."  In true Nicole fashion, she would be sitting in a radio studio bopping and singing along to the music until one second before the above mentioned word.  She would then stop where she was and mute the music for the split second that word was played.  She then would un-mute it and go back to bopping along to the beat like it was nothing.  It was adorable.  I smiled inside every time she did it.

Since we're now trying to save money broke, Hubz won't let me buy any new music.  Thus, I have learned to love Pandora radio (seriously, if you don't use it, you should... it's fantastic).  A few of my favorite stations are "Adele," "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" and "Ingrid Michaelson."  Check them out, you won't regret it.

Most recently I started listening to "The Rocket Summer" station.  A few songs in, Never Shout Never came on and I was instantly brought back to those late night radio studio nights with Nicole and her bleeping action.  Unlike Nicole's song, however, this one contained the word "truckin'" as this little charmer would pronounce it.  As a good friend would, I danced to the song, sang along and did my little swift bleeping action, just as Nicole would have.  I encourage you to do the same.  Enjoy friends:

Does that make you feel like it's summer or what?  Awesome.

Happy Weekend!


Friday, May 6, 2011

friday tune

I know... that didn't feel right did it?  Friday tunes just doesn't have the same flow as Tuesday tunes, but I'm just so eager to share my recent musical obsessions!

So since I quit my job I have become a pretty big gleek.  I'm a walking stereotype.  Awesome.

So for the most part I don't appreciate the storyline of the show too much because, if we're being honest here, it's pretty trashy-trash.  However, the music is sensational.

(I feel like one of those guys who say they go to Hooters for the wings.  Ridiculous.  What have I become?)

Anyway, back to the music... I LOVE what they did with this song.  It's at least five times better than the original song... who's with me here?  I absolutely love the harmonies and the way the two voices sound together.

I promise that from here on out I will go back to posting Tuesday tunes... for the love of alliteration the Tuesday tune will live on!

Happy Friday!



It's been a while... I know.  Go ahead, judge me.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  I've needed some time to figure some stuff out.

It's crazy how much the way I express my emotions has changed.  It seems to be easier and easier for me to get stuff out through writing.  I've missed that these past couple of weeks.  I'm glad to be back... and I don't plan on taking any extended absences from the blog world anymore!

Here's just a small update on what's going on in my completely crazy somewhat uneventful life:
  1. I made a slight variation on this recipe from Jessica tonight in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  Freakin fabulous.
  2. Hubz and I just got our tickets for our first Twins game together... I'm beyond excited!  I've literally been asking Hubz to take me to a Twins game since we first started dating, almost three and a half years ago.  Yeah, it's about time.
  3. Three weeks from now I'll be soaking up the sun in sunny California.
  4. This is why I want to be friends with Amy Poehler Leslie Knope and Aziz Ansari Tom Haverford. 
  5. This is my new favorite show.
  6. I cried sobbed after watching Steve Carrell's last episode on "The Office."  Hubz laughed at me... it made me sob harder.  Then he tried to comfort me... while laughing at me.  Then I hit him... lovingly.
  7. This song has been stuck in my head for almost a month.  Can you blame me?  It's so.stinking.good.
  8. This is a picture that I forgot about from February when I joined my friends Becky and Ashley at The Purple Onion, a fun coffee shop in Dinkytown where our friend Eddie works.  Apparently I had been taking too many food photos at that time and didn't realize that my camera was still in the "digital macro" setting.  I was so confused why the pictures kept coming out so poorly. I'm a winner.

Eventful, eh?  Well things are about to get crazy folks.  In case you haven't noticed, I am way behind on The List.  Time to get on that!  Any suggestions for my next adventure?  I'm thinking a vision board, playing soccer with Hubz or motivational cards.  What do you think?