Friday, February 25, 2011


I feel like I have SOOOO much I want to share lately.  I randomly have things come into my head that I just feel the need to share... Another reason to figure out that whole Twitter thing!

Anyway, as I alluded to earlier, a few days ago Hubz and I just weren't feeling that whole cooking thing and thus decided to eat out (and cross a few things off of The List at the same time)!

We headed towards Dinky Town and ended up at Cupcake!  I've been eyeing Cupcake for quite some time since my obsession with cupcakes began, and after a friend suggested it I knew that I needed to visit!

(Guess who was looking smoking hot that day?  This Girl.)

The shop itself was super cute.  It had a really good feel.

Hubz got the Trademark cupcake which was a vanilla cupcake with mousse filling topped with vanilla frosting and orange sprinkles.  He loves orange.  That's why he chose this cupcake.  Original, Hubz.

I got the Razz-Ma-Tazz.  A chocolate cupcake with raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream.

Oh goodness was that buttercream awesome.  So stinkin smooth.  I need to learn to make better buttercream.

As for the cupcake... to be honest I wasn't all that impressed.  Maybe it was because we were in a bit of a rush... maybe it was because it was sitting in a refrigerated area for a while (the worst place to put cupcakes...) or maybe it was because i was expecting a holy-crap-my-life-is-now-complete experience.  But to be honest, my chocolate cupcakes kick this one's butt. 

We will definitely be returning though.  Probably earlier in the day.

We then headed to Burger Jones!  I saw this restaurant on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network and immediately wanted to visit!  The atmosphere was super fun and and the menu was really entertaining.

This is a cocktail in a mason jar, as it was referred to in the menu.  I didn't want a cocktail, all I really wanted was some water.  But only if that water came in a mason jar, which it didn't.  Thus I got a cocktail.  A big fuzzy peach to be exact.


I've been wanting to get mason jars for beverages for a long time now but I really want the ones with handles... anyone know where they can be found?

I ordered a burger called "The Hangover."  It was topped with hot sauce, bacon and a fried egg.  Fantastic.

Hubz ordered the "White Trash" burger.  Yup, he went there.  A burger topped with cheese curds (!!!) and deep fried bacon.  Did you know you could deep fry bacon?  I do now!  Definitely a heart-attack on a bun.  Definitely one of the best things I've ever tasted.

We also shared an order of sweet potato fries.  Delish.

And this is how we felt when all was said and done.

So yeah, it was a pretty indulgent evening...  but we all need those some times.

What are some of your favorite indulgences?

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