Monday, April 4, 2011

Steals & Deals

Breaking up is hard to do.

Especially when you're breaking up with...

nice haircuts,

new dresses,

and expensive but oh-so-delicious treats.

In an attempt to be more thrifty since taking a drastic pay cut (aka: quitting my job), I have been trying to get into this whole extreme couponing thing.  I figure that we can't really cut back on our rent, student loan or car payment, but we can definitely cut back the money we spend on food, beauty and household items!

I plan to talk more about living frugally (even after our budget loosens up a little bit!) once I feel like my advice out-weighs my questions on the subject, but I wanted to share just a little frugal victory that has me all excited!  This was my first time working the coupon system:

I bought all of these items at Target for just over $4.00.  The value for all of them was over $26.00 so by using coupons and finding some great deals I saved about $22.00 on my trip.  Awesome!

Scoring a deal like this definitely lightens the blow of breaking up with new shoes, eating-out and organic peanut butter (although I'm pretty sure cupcakes will always find a place in our budget... I will buy cupcakes over gas if it comes to it).

What are your best frugal-living tips?



  1. If only cars ran on cupcakes, right? :) You should also check out She's local and helps you find great deals by combining sales, coupons, rebates, etc.

  2. P.S. I'm so proud of you. Cutting back is really hard. But the debt-free girl sitting in my chair will tell you that it's totally worth it.