Wednesday, January 19, 2011

if the pomegranates are in bloom...

Yes, in fact, it was necessary for me to make a Song of Solomon reference on my blog.  I am a married woman now, after all!  Don't worry, I'll spare you the commentary details about pomegranate symbolism in the Song of Solomon.

As I told you, I ate a pomegranate yesterday!  I was pretty psyched.  Like the genius nerd that I am, I decided to google "how to eat a pomegranate."  Here is the adventure it took me on:

I started out by scoring the outside of the pomegranate.  I think I did it in 5 different sections.  Then I filled a bowl with water.  Unfortunately the first bowl of water was too small.  You have to make sure that the pomegranate will be mostly submerged in the water.

Then I started to peel the pomegranate into those five sections.

Then I removed the arils (the edible seeds) from the peel.

What I was left with was lots of beautiful arils in peel-y water.

I then strained the arils from the water and the leftover peel and rinsed the arils.

Now the pomegranate is ready to be eaten!

Why, thank you!  Yes I do love my vintage flower petal bowls.

At first I thought that the pomegranate was kind of weird, mainly because I thought it was kind of weird to eat the seeds.  But after I figured out the texture and flavor a little more I was hooked!  This was sooo delicious!

Perhaps next time I'll try chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds a la Trader Joe's.  Chocolate, after all, makes everything better.  It even makes pomegranates better.  I wonder if Solomon thought of that...


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