Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy National Pancake Day!

Today not only is the first day of March, it is also National Pancake Day!  We decided not to visit IHOP (the first place I ever worked--what a horror story!) for the special holiday.  Instead, I made some healthy (but still a little indulgent!) pancakes at home for us!

Pancakes are one of my favorite breakfasts so I was really excited to celebrate today!

I made Jessica's Whole Wheat Cinnamon Bun Pancakes and they were absolutely delicious!  If you've never tried whole wheat pancakes, get off the couch and make these right now!  I actually like whole wheat pancakes better than regular pancakes.  They fill me up more, are more hearty but are still deliciously fluffy.  And they're so much healthier for you!

The indulgent part was the glaze that I put on top.  Instead of using the maple butter icing that Jessica used, I decided instead to go with her Vanilla Cream Glaze.  This glaze was even better than I thought it would be and the best part is that a little bit goes a long way on these cakes.  I only put about a tablespoon on my stack and it was the perfect amount of sweetness. 

The pancakes have a lot of flavor on their own that you can get by with only a little glaze.  That makes this breakfast healthy but also indulgent--my favorite combination!

I served these up with some coffee (in my favorite mug!) for a delicious and filling breakfast!

Best part of the morning?  Getting to wear my new apron that Hubz got for me at Patina!  My boss introduced me to Patina and it is now my favorite place to get fun, pretty and girly gifts.  We went there the other day to get a birthday gift for Hubz's younger sister.  We had a coupon for Patina from our Chinook Book for $20 off a $50 purchase.  Hubz bought me an apron before we got married and I absolutely love it, but it's really seasonal (it has a turkey on the front) and I wanted one that I could wear all the time.  Our kitchen is pretty retro and so when we saw this retro apron we both loved it!

It makes me want to cook even more!  Nothing better than being cute in the kitchen  :)

Now go make yourself those pancakes!  The best thing about breakfast is that you can eat it anytime of the day.  Breakfast for supper is my favorite!

Tomorrow I have a delicious soup recipe for you!  Until then, blessings on your day!


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